Monday, March 8, 2010

Through the Woods

This is my entry for the witch challenge.  My intention was to make her a hoarder type character, she picks up random things on her journeys that she may use in her various spells or otherworldly activities.  I love working in pencil, I want to do more of these types of challenges.  I feel like using pencil is a more freeing medium and I'm more apt to just add random things to the image without feeling bad about getting reference and whatnot.  Saying that I liked doing this drawing so much, I might make a painting out of this piece.

Through the Woods, Pencil, 12" x 16", 2010.


  1. Owen this looks great! She's totally strange-looking, and I love the broom/what it's doing. Very cool. If you end up painting it, I'd think about cropping in a bit so the figure is larger. You've designed her so nicely, it would be great to see her (and that creature behind her) closer up. One thing, I'm not sure that the swastika on her harm is necessary - it's a pretty touchy, heavy symbol to use, and not one to use lightly, and I'm not convinced that this situation calls for it. Maybe create your own symbol instead. Other than that, it's workin' for me!

  2. Cool Man! I like what you're doing here. She is certainly very weird and hermit in the woods like. I love the stuff hanging from her broomstick and the trail of stitched furs. Im going to have to agree with Becca on the swastika comment. It's not reading to me as "she found this coat." It's more distracting than anything because it's such a recognized symbol my eye goes right there and forgets about her. I would say to ditch it or change it in some way that makes any symbol on her arm less prominent. Another thing I am noticing is that she looks like she's about to tumble onto her face because her arm doesn't look like it's supporting her weight, and the angle of the cain is not supporting her either. The way her legs come to a point makes her look impossibly unbalanced. Cool usage of the fake leg!
    If you were to paint it, you could crop in a bit, but I like the space you've created. Overall a really nice drawing! I think we might have to do and witch rehatch challenge and paint the near future.