Friday, May 6, 2011

Lis's Final: The Light in the Weald

Hey! Here is my unicorn final. I actually ended up using acrylic, and I really enjoyed it!! I printed the image on watercolor paper, put a green wash down, then covered it in a few layers of matte medium. I then worked with washes of acrylic (and some opaque acrylic in the light areas), before spraying it with varnish. Took a little longer than my watercolor work, but overall I am pleased. I want to work this way again! Unicorns <3...

It ended up quite different from my color comp... but that's how it goes with me. I always get more saturated with my colors than I intend. I guess that's my style? It's not as ominous in feeling... more Disney-esque. But I love Disney so it's cool. Tried color correcting in photoshop to make it more like my comp, but I like this.


  1. Lis, this is gorgeous! I love the saturation of your colors, and I want to see this thing in person to check out what you did with the acrylics. It's true that it doesn't feel so ominous, but it still feels mysterious, which was more what I was getting from your sketch and comp anyway. Very nice job :)

  2. Yes,I noticed the comp was a little greyer and gloomier which looked great. But this works really well and is just a little richer, I love color! Still,if the mood of the comp was really reflecting the mood the piece needed (a little oppressed and scary then you would want to tweak it down.) I didn't notice the horned man at first! He is cool and fits well with all the other little creatures. I just want him to have a little more detail to his profile. The way he is now he blends with the trees, on purpose I'm sure but still looks a little unfinished ... just needs some shape. The layers work out really well, great depth in the coloring. The block of greyish trees in the horned man level seem a little simplified too and could use some rougher edges and maybe small holes of skylight peeking through. I only say this because the front layers of flowers and trees are really detailed, varied and beautiful. Great piece!