Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lis's Viking Thumbs

So I think I have a pretty clear idea of where I'm going with this, I just need help deciding on the composition that works best... It's kind of a wrap-around book cover size (but it doesn't necessarily have to be composed like a book cover)... but I don't know if I want the goddess turning her face toward the ship, or away from them with her eyes turned toward the ship, or if I want her flipped in the other direction! :P

Anyway, Rán is a Norse sea goddess and she likes to drown sailors (án), so I have a viking ship in stormy seas struggling to stay upright and get to shore (or just away!), and Rán is rising from the sea. I'm pretty exciting about painting this!!!!

I envision Rán to have multiple 'tiers' - her bottom half is foamy with waves and water splashing (water spout-like), and she still has some hair dragging in the sea, but in the middle her body becomes less water and more of just a transparent-ish being, and at top i want the rest of her hair to be flying around and kind of blending in with the clouds. In the foreground the ship/sea will be the darkest with bolder outlines, and there should be a nice atmospheric gradient to the distance. I also want there to be lights visible on the shore from torches/huts. Oh... and she'll be wearing some clothes... though one boob might be hanging out.... goddess style.


  1. Nice concepts Lis!
    I like the top most starred thumb.
    I'm sure this will turn out great :)

  2. Looks like you know where you're going with the middle starred widescreen thumb Lis. I like the tall one to the right of it also but I think you're right making a seascape a horizontal composition. Maybe her right hand could be rising out of the water or motioning forward somehow instead of sticking out of the pic. The composition really flows around nicely. Tweak the horizon down a little, away from being too close to centered. Will there be a little viking near the front of the boat silhouetted against the light on the water? That could be cool. This looks like it could all be in moonlight with a dark foreground (the boat and front waves like you have them), a steak of light on the sea making a light middle ground and dark hills, sky, and her in the back - just a thought. And little fires in the back, yeah!

  3. I personally thing the composition of the 3rd one is best but I like the pose of Ran in the 4th one. I think it's better to have the goddess looking down at the ship with her eyes and not her entire face. The horizontal format works best for this piece. I like the concept a lot, norse mythology is so awesome.

  4. I definitely like the horizontal format best for this. But, if you're doing it as a wrap-around book cover, I wonder if you might want to have both Ran and the ship in the same half of the composition (right hand side for wrap-around). I really like the feeling that you're getting in the middle starred one that you've done some shading on, it's really nice - for a book cover, I'd got with some combination of the bottom right one, and the vertical piece right above it. I like Owen's idea of having her looking down at the ship with just her eyes - I think it would make her look even more powerful and spiteful. Lookin good!