Friday, April 6, 2012

Craig's Viking

Here is my not yet a viking youth and his vision of Valkyries. My grey underpainting pulled me towards a subdued color scheme with cool blue light.


  1. craig, this is looking pretty cool. I think it might need a bit more work though. The boy needs to have some more colors worked into his skin tones, some greens and reds to make the skin a little less monotone. I think the landscape looks really nice but the horses look a bit shiny to me. Maybe use a bristle brush to make them look just a touch more hairy. Also the lightning might need some more branches to it. This has a really nice feel to it though, and I really dig the theme.

  2. Hey Craig! I love the colors and the landscape and it's just a great piece! Love his youthful face, and the design on his shirt and the Valkyries. The swirling clouds are so cool. I agree that the lightning needs more branches, it's very simple looking right now. Also, the girl on the horse at the top middle right looks like she was supposed to be holding a spear and then you changed your mind. Maybe if you make her have a finger pointing that would help because right now she just has this fist sticking out with no purpose.

    I think the color of the skin is fine, but from the chest down the skin is too light. If you blur your eyes it blends into the background too much. Needs to be silhouetted more in the arm holding the axe and the legs. Maybe when its dry throw in a glaze?

    Horses - Scott and I have both painted horses now and know they are seriously difficult. They do look a little shiney and Owen's suggestion might help... but I wouldn't know what to suggest otherwise because horses are hard for me too ): ahaha. They don't bother me too much though.

  3. And here I am late to the party again. Lis and Owen make good points, and overall I really like this piece. His face is great, outfit is cool, body language is good, I love the toned-down palette, and the swirling sky is a great touch. The lightning could definitely be worked on - more branches, but also maybe even tone it down a bit or have it partially obscured by clouds (oooh! lighting up the clouds from inside?!). I'm finding the lighting a bit distracting as it is, although it's definitely a cool element. As for the horses, they don't bother me too much, but could be less "shiny" I suppose, or maybe just have more selectively shiny spots.

    Also, I really love the way you painted the grass and flowers (I'm a sucker for nice little details like that). Just so nicely done!!