Monday, May 7, 2012

New drawing: Riding Hood

Well, it's been quite a while since anything's going on around here. We've all been busy as ever and unfortunately not had any time for RWP projects. We're hoping that will change real soon. For now, here's a drawing that I've been working on. Just about ready to paint. Any last minute suggestions?


  1. Hey Scott, I know that it looks cool that way, but it is unlikely that Red would have her draw string hand in that position. The hand would be finger tips toward viewer. Just something to consider. Otherwise, nice design.

    1. Hey Mark! I modeled for this (and Red is actually a dude, so any tips on making him more of a 15 yr old boy than a girl would be great for Scott), and we weren't really thinking he would be a technical real world shooter. Think Legolas, or this awesome fast shooting Russian chick -
      He's shooting backwards, in any direction, wherever the bad guys are. So in this case, he would be primed to shoot backwards, and his hand is accurate.

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  3. Only thing I can think off to make Red here more boy like is to thin out his top lip a bit. Male top lips are often thinner than girls. I withdraw my finger comment. :u)

  4. Skatt! Nice to see some of your recent stuff! I know he's supposed to be young in this image, but he's definitely lookin pretty feminine (as already mentioned). Thinning the lip as Mark suggested might be good, but you could also try squaring the chin a bit, defining the jawline more, and thickening the neck... really tiny adjustments, just enough to make him a little more manly :) I did a google image search for "teenage boy", which might be helpful, haha.

  5. Woah, you're probably already done with this one.

    Besides the lip and chin comments maybe a little bit of short sleeve peeking out from under the cloak on his upper arm would make his outfit look less sleeveless and feminine. Possibly rework the wrinkles on the chest area. I guess I was thinking of Red Riding Hood too and saw a girl for a second but it actually looks like a guy to me.

    You could flip the hand around for the traditional string pulling position, it might look just as good but doesn't have to be that way.

    Overall it's great with strong angles and action. The only thing that is weaker than the rest is the foreground werewolf. The rear werewolves look so good that I wish the front one was more menacing and looming. Maybe just a little of the side of it's face and a more aggressive hand position. I know he's just framing the front edge but I still think he contributes to the whole composition.

  6. Hey, yea....i never got around to starting painting this one. Spectrum Live kinda got me off course, and now I have a few other projects that are more important. I thin secretly I knew I didn't like the dude in the front because something didn't feel "right" about him. So I agree about him needing to be more menacing..I'll have to get back in there and make his hand more gnarled and cut his shoulder back a little since I think it's too big anyway.
    I also like the short sleeve comment...that could help. Thanks!