Friday, January 4, 2013

Wolves of Winterfell - Ghost

Finally, wrapping this series up is, personally, my favorite direwolf, Ghost.  Ghost is the runt, sort of.  He's the odd man out.  He's albino, and a perfect companion to Jon Snow.  He makes Jon more terrifying to his opponents, and he makes Jon look like a leader to his brothers in Black.  Ghost is one of the only animals in "A Song of Ice and Fire," that moves the story along.  He finds dead bodies in the snow, he brings Jon to save Commander Mormont, and much more.
Here I have tried to show Ghost at his most ghostly.  In a snowstorm north of the wall, his body blending in with the landscape, and all you can see is his deep red eyes.
So here concludes this series, hope you have all enjoyed it.  I will put these images on my website soon and then put prints and originals on etsy.

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