Thursday, April 15, 2010

Through the Woods Painting

This is my retooling of the witch sketch I did.  It's cropped in a bit, and I did a bit of experimenting.  I gave the trees a bit of texture with a bit of sculpting medium, and after doing the ground color I dripped a very thinned out grayish purple throughout the piece to give it an eerie feeling to the atmosphere.  I love the outcome. I will definitely work that into more of my future work; I especially love what it did to the bark texture.  

Since posting this the first time I have realized that I got the colors and levels completely wrong and have thusly changed it to be a bit more close to the actual painting.  Hope this makes it easier to see.

Through the Woods, 10"x 14", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.


  1. Hey cool man. I like it! I think the cain is working a lot more effectively now. I like the colors too! I think my favorite part is the wolves eyes. I think the only thing i'd like to see is a bit lighter highlights on her to make her really pop. Right now the lightest tone is in the little glowies that are behind her and I want some of her to pop like that too. Also might be nice to get a bit of a triangle going between the highlights on her, the eyes of the wolf and the glowy things. Good stuff!

  2. Hey, that bark texture is fabulous! Very very cool. I agree with Scott that the witch could use some highlighting, to bring her out a bit from the background - right now the colors and tones are all feeling pretty similar. The wolf is freaking awesome, and you should definitely keep working with new textures!