Monday, August 23, 2010

Becca's Baba Yaga

Well, here is my Baba Yaga! Any thoughts before I pull of the tape? I had a ton of fun with this piece! This one is 100% watercolor.


  1. This looks awesome!!! I love the colors and how its kind of a gradient from green to blue with that sweet house in the middle. Adding the extra bit of fence really helped. Her face is much better!! Yay, isn't watercolor fun?? (: Hmmm It's not really necessary but it could be nice to have a darker blue at the very top of the sky and corners, kind of a rounded sky gradient to frame it a bit (and it would match with the rounded fence at the bottom to work as a frame). Might help to really bring the eye to the middle. Just a suggestion though (since you asked, before you pull off the tape! haha). It could probably be done digitally too if you want to test it first. Ahh!!! I just noticed the doll in her pocket (: adorable!!

  2. Kathleen O'ConnellAugust 25, 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Becca, I love the skeleton fence with the glowing eyes! Creepy and cool simultaneously.

  3. I love this one from a lot of aspects. The composition, details, and framing creates a lot of tension: all that uphill, upward motion; the eerie "face" of the house; the ominous sky; the twisted trees; and of course the skeleton fence. The girl looking back right at the viewer makes one want to grab her arm and say, "no, don't go in there!" Wonderful!