Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Project: TROLLS!!!!

Recently, a few of us went and saw TrollHunter, an amazing movie from Norway. A documentary style film, it follows film students who think they are making a documentary about bear poaches but it turns into so much more. It's hilarious, and the trolls are fantastic! It inspired our next project -  Trolls! This project is for Owen and Lis, as everyone else is busy on personal work at the moment. If anyone else would like to join in, feel free!

The due dates are as follows:
Thumbs - Friday July 8
Sketches - Wednesday July 13
Final - Wednesday July 27


  1. Awesome. I'm thinking about a character design concept sketch. This will be a blast.

  2. If any of you guys are planning to use me as a model, I'm OK with it, really. Just let me know so I can leave space on my wall.