Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lis's Troll Thumbs

Hey all! Here are my troll thumbs.

The first two - Troll shepherd with goats (if you think a troll being a shepherd is weird, I'm not the only one that thought of it! Google and you will see one of those popular troll statues as a shepherd with goats! haha. He eats them later :P), or a troll fishing with his hovel behind him. I'm going for the fishing scene I think. I want it to be kind of a portrait, a troll in his comfort zone.

This second thumbs are just a comical idea - giant troll with itty bitty sheep... in the left thumb he's bending down and picking one up delicately, and the others are running away. I think it's a cute idea, but I'm still leaning toward the fishing troll... maybe I'll do this later.

I will, of course, work on my troll character design more for the final. He's a bit boring right now.


  1. This is such a fun idea! The troll fishing is the image I would go with as well. I know you are going to work on designing him more, but also be sure to have fun with what his house would look like. What would a troll make his house out of? What shape would it be? There's a ton of room for creative character and environment design in this piece! I'm also excited to see what sort of mood/light/color you plan on using.

    Yay trolls! I wish I had time to join you guys on this project!

  2. yeah I think the fishing one would probably be the best. I might play with the size relationship between the troll and fish, I would expect that a troll would be much larger than what you have in the thumbnail. Or you could make him in the ocean catching swordfish or some big fish. Just a thought. Also I don't know how I feel about the tent... I think you should either design a weird crudely put together abode, or put nothing there. Maybe the lake could be part of a waterfall, or one of those streams salmon swim upwards. stream of consciousness...