Friday, July 8, 2011

Owen's Troll Thumbnails

For my Troll piece I tried to come up with many different compositions and things for trolls to be doing, but I kept coming back to the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  Oh and I hate myself because for the past 2 weeks I have been drawing trolls nonstop, I had pages and pages of trolls and I wanted to show my evolution of drawings to get to these 2 thumbnails.  Then of course I left my sketchbook at work and didn't realize it until I was way to far away to turn back and get it.  Anyway, essentially these are my 2 favorite ideas.  I think I personally like the one on the left.  Let me know what you think.


  1. Love your troll!!! he's awesome... his huge nose and massive forearms! Can't wait to see him painted. I agree - i like the one on the left. I know it's just a thumbnail, but make sure to really nail the foreshortening so that he looks like this massive being under the bridge.. like his knees and legs can be more prominent. you can really play with some awesome lighting in this too.

    If you take a shot of yourself (or Matt! ahahaha) for reference, maybe have sarah take it or one of us... so we can get down on the ground and point the camera up just right for the foreshortening and massiveness!

  2. Cool! Hmm, I like them both, but i think you're right about the left one. It's got a more dynamic composition. But, I do like the idea of him reaching up and grabbing a sheep or goat or whatever.
    Just watch the bridge perspective doesn't get too warped. Maybe there could also be a shepherd and lots more goats and he's freaking out because the troll stole his goat....I dunno i just think it could benefit from a little more implied story. Also, maybe he could have more items under the bridge like it's his home. Some things he's stolen from various passers-by (meals). Just to flesh his environment out a bit. Make sure you get good pictures so you can see the angle good. Go down to the hell-gate to take some pictures of an arched bridge...though it may be too high.
    Either way, I look forward to seeing a more refined drawing.

  3. Yay troll! I really enjoy your drawing of the troll walking - you should paint him too! Or work up the drawing a bit, because the design of him is great - kinda reminds me of Brian Froud. The left thumbnail looks like a good direction to go with - I agree with Scott and Lis's ideas about pushing the perspective, as well as having more of an implied story. I kinda like the idea of the troll being caught up in eating/doing something, and maybe some goats or people are taking the opportunity to rush over the bridge. You can really do a lot with this - have fun! Can't wait to see it in paint :)