Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lis's Troll Sketch

Hi folks! So here is my troll sketch... I included a few rotation variations so it may not be as straight on... depending on what people think. I ended up making the troll less dumpy... I was getting annoyed by his dumpiness and I wanted him to be a little more scary looking. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure it all out, composition, looks etc. I think I'm finally satisfied though. Will be a good portfolio piece for Gencon! I'll probably post a color comp in a few days. I have a vision!

The first one is the original. The other two are tilted toward the right or left.

And click this to see an larger one for detail...


  1. This looks really nice! As far as tilting the image I think you should probably put it between the regular image and the last image(tilted way to the left), so just tilted a bit to the left. I think the fish gets a bit lost with the leaves behind it, but you can probably fix that with your color choices. It might also be nice to see the troll with some food in it's mouth or something. Looking forward to see what you do with the colors, I know you always make them super interesting and surprising.

  2. The woods here are so good. I like the depth, the angle, the variety, everything. I don't want to mess with your troll vision. He's a cool dude with a great face. I agree with Owen - if he's holding half a fish maybe he has the other half in his mouth or drooling down his chin. As for troll anatomy, who knows? I just want him to look a little bigger and stronger. Maybe just his arms. Here's a quick drawover that beefs up his arms and sort of "opens up" his position a little ...

    Oh,I love his wet tail! I tried it coming out of his kilt instead of out from under.

    PS You showed your unicorn from behind and now the troll form behind too. Just something to think about. Lots of room for dynamic compositions with a basic front shot too.

  3. Bah, I took way too long to comment on this. Have you finished it yet? I like a pretty straight-on view rather than tilting, and I agree with Craig about beefing him up a bit. He looks more goblin-like to me right now, but maybe I just have preconceived notions of what trolls should look like :) I'm sure you'll make it a great painting!