Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Billy Goats Gruff

Ahoy, everyone!  So this is finally done.  I have been working on 2 pet portraits while I was doing this one, thats why I didn't finish earlier.  I'm happy with this piece.  I want to do another piece showing more of the character design and less perspective, cause I think if anything, the proportions aren't exactly clear.  I'm very happy with his face and how the bridge came out.  Anyway I hope everyone likes it, and If you don't know the story, SPOILER! (the goats do not get eaten, crafty little guys they are).

On a nerdy note, I will be wandering around GenCon, in Indianapolis, this weekend, Scott and Lis will be there also, so come by Scotts booth we'll probably be there. 

The Billy Goats Gruff, 10" x 14", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2011.


  1. Owen, the colors and light in this are so great! Such subtle cool shadows and crisp late evening or early morning light. The bridge worked out really well - varying the color of each stone must have been a lot of work but it looks so weathered and natural.

    The form on the face is really good. Possibly the arm could use some central areas with the hair lighter and paler to give it more form (even tough it's in the shadow area, I guess the highlights would be bluish - just like on the elbow which looks just right.)

    But, man, the light makes this work!

  2. Well you already know what I think of this (said it in person), but again - awesome! Really great piece for your portfolio. The bridge is much improved, and the colors and lighting are great!

  3. Owennn! It looks so great!! You really hit the nail on the head with the colors and lighting to achieve some hyper-realistic effects! Super piece to add the the portfolio. Yay!!