Monday, August 22, 2011

Lis's Troll Painting

Finally!!! My troll is finished (: I couldn't continue working on it for the past month because I've had nonstop guests... but once they left, I was able to finish in four days. Pretty pleased with it... I was really disliking it before I started to paint, but I think I was just sick of looking at it unfinished on my desk. Now go rent TrollHunter!!!


  1. real nice lis. He has a very nice forest home he has made for himself. I like the skulls in the back, very nice detail. One thing that keeps standing out to me is the white of his eye, I think it would look better if you toned it down a bit. I would make his whole eye black, but thats just me, it's a minor thing but my eye keeps getting stuck there. Otherwise it's a nice piece. Good job.

  2. Lis! So great, that mysterious forest background just glows. I figured out what I wanted to tweak on it. I didn't see it in the sketch stage but I just wanted the troll and the background to fit together a little differently. In a drawover I tried two things. I pulled the dark stuff behind his dark head away from him to really highlight his silhouette. On the other paintover I put more dark behind him then gave him very strong edge lighting to make him pop out from the bush and the whole background in general ...

    Our instructor Dan is great at edge lighting ...

  3. those are great comments craig. I would have to say the rim lighting makes that troll stand out really nice. The fish especially, I think that fish gets kinda lost otherwise.