Sunday, September 18, 2011

New portfolio piece for Lis

Hey all! It's been quiet around here /: Well we aren't working on any group projects, but we can still post sketches for our own ideas! This is portfolio piece idea I had.. kind of a book cover for young adult or early reader. The first one was my initial sketch, but then I made the foreground bigger and made the background smaller so I think I like the second one best. I'll need to get photo reference for the girls body, I think the arms around the pig are a little off. Please let me know what you think!


  1. i like the second one better. this is really nice, very sweet and wholesome. can't wait to see it finished, i personally can't really see anything wrong.

  2. Yep, second one definitely makes her more the focus. I want to read this book! I imagine it's about the peasant girl who somehow gets involved in an adventure to the castle...or something. Anyway, the image conjures up a lot of potential stories about the character and her surroundings. Fun! Your deadline is Oct 6th. GO!

  3. Agreed! I like the second one too! This is lovely, I could totally see it as a book cover or something along those lines. I don't really have any suggestions to improve it - I'm curious to see what you'll do with the animal's expressions, and yeah, some reference for her arms might be helpful, although they look pretty good. I do wonder whether the way she's holding the pig is realistic... seems like he'd be pretty heavy, and she isn't really supporting his bottom half... it's not necessarily something that needs to be changed, but it is something to maybe look at. I can't wait to see it in color :)

  4. I love this sketch! So cute. I agree it looks like a great story about to begin. Here is my drawover which isn't even a drawover I just flipped the girl.I know I keep doing that to people's sketches but I really think it works better here. I think if she's facing to the left side of the frame our eyes "read" into the drawing then swirl all around her face. When she faces to the right every line just flops off to the right. That's just how it looks to me. It's adorable! So much room for depth in the atmosphere and the sky.

    P.S. I tried the cart guy on both sides, obviously you would vary him or put some other people on the road etc.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Craig - I agree! I'm definitely flipping the girl the other way. Thanks for the idea!

    Becca - well I got some reference of myself holding a pig shaped object after drawing this but it still looks pretty similar hahaha. I have a lot of photos of kids holding pigs and they don't seem all that heavy.... But now that I have reference there will definitely be more 'weight' visible in her shoulder and tension in her arms and hands.