Monday, April 6, 2009

Becca's Thumbs

Here they are! Installment #1 for project #1! I chose the scene where Jace (the main character) and Baltrice (a woman who is his co-worker) go to the village of Kamigawa. Baltrice has a power that allows her to control fire, and she's just set some of the village on fire - her eyes glow with flame, and I imagine her hands do as well. There is a great description of this little hut that belongs to the village shaman, who has called the rain to put out Baltrice's fire. So in the scene, it's nighttime and raining, in the center of the jungle village. Baltrice's eyes glow with fire, and Jace has cloaked himself in shadows - he doesn't entirely trust Baltrice and her powers, so he looks at her warily. They are about to confront the village leader, who is in one of the huts behind them...I've put up four thumbnail sketches for this scene, and numbered them (in no particular order). I think the biggest question in my head right now is whether these should be full-figure (#2,#4) or portrait (#3)...I've pretty much ruled out thumb #1, but let me know what you think!


  1. I think I like the 3rd one personally, but I think it needs a bit more to the background, maybe have the shaman coming out of the hut, or one of the huts on fire.

  2. I like # 3 also. But I think #4 has potential as well. I want to see maybe a bit more of a dynamic composition. Interesting angles, different point of view. maybe make them more amonst the huts to give us a better sense of environment, rather than just have them in the foreground and then the huts in the distance like a backdrop. I like the imagery of the fire mixed with the rain. Maybe it is making smoke. Maybe the shaman is in the image too. Maybe the huts are higher in the trees and we are looking up towards them. sorry don't mean to make you more confused. haha. Good stuff so far!