Monday, April 13, 2009

Scott's Drawing

Here's a quick color comp that I did up in photoshop the other day before starting my drawing. This helped me to think more clearly about colors (though they will most likely change), and the general composition and pose. Sometimes I like to do this if I'm having trouble with an image.
...And this is my final drawing ready for printing and mounting. I couldn't get my photo to lighten up enough without washing out some parts. So to help, I did a little highlighting in photoshop to show where the lightest areas will be. I think I need to hit the face a little more just to give it that pop, since it's the most important part of the image. Any suggestions or comments are encouraged!


  1. Scott - the design of this whole thing is just great - I especially like the twisting of shapes around her. I wonder if we would see some more of her cape flowing behind her (the area just behind her back leg)? I am trying to figure out why the raised leg looks a little the foot a bit to small? Compared to the hand on the same side of her body, they are pretty close in size...I would try lengthening the foot. It's a tough body position to pull off, but you're doing a great job!

    I'm curious to see what you have planned for the background. Is it going to be misty and blurred, or will there be some sense of the setting? I don't actually have a preference for which one you end up doing, I'm just looking forward to what you come up with.

  2. Yep, I think you're right about the foot...good call. For the background, I was think to keep it a bit ambiguous and let the design of the figure and her elements stand out. Kind like you're in her head and everything else outside of the incantation is blurred. But if you think i'd be better with something back there, ill consider!

  3. Ya, I like where this is heading quite a bit!
    I wonder if her left leg could be a bit larger overall. The thigh is in perspective away from us, and is forshortened, but i think it is still a hair too short. That should free up the opportunity to lengthen the calf and increase the size of the foot as r solow has pointed out. I think the close-up is giving you a wonderful opportunity to explore the costume (which is really interesting !)

  4. Yeah I think Becca summed everything up. The right foot, is all that stands out.