Monday, April 6, 2009

Scott's Thumbs

So here we go. I've managed to conjure up 5 thumbnails that I'm fairly happy with. #1 and #2 are images of Lilliana towards the beginning of our story. #1 is supposed to be more of an above view while she is levitated conjuring...something. #2 is  similar to #1, she is levitated with a long tunic and cape bellowing around her. The shapes all around her are of this dark matter that is described as flowing all around her as she summons. She also has glowing purple tattoos that are on her skin when she is casting. #3 is a scene from Grixis, Jace is standing in a floor of zombies and bones and corpses that have come to life and are pulling him down, when Lilliana appears through the cyclonic storm hovering down towards Jace. Her head is described as being thrown back in concentration and her eyes glowing the same deep purple as her runic tattoos. Her arms are said to be outspread while she coaxes the demons back to inanimate state. #4 shows Tezzeret on the ground in the foreground after being thrown through the bronze doors of his tower. There is fire and smoke filling the large arched doorway and the figure of Jace is seen emerging from the smoke. His eyes are glaring blue in his concentration. We can see Tezzeret's metal fist. #5 is an action scene of Lilliana underneath a large bronze mechanical spidery thing that is about to come at her. it is said to have needles for a face and made of various gears and steam. 


  1. The 3rd one is my favorite, I think you could get a lot of great movement with all the swirls twisting around the character.

  2. You have a lot of great options here. It'd say, if you're strapped for time (Mr. Book Deal), go with #1 - you could make it really cool, without having too crazy of a composition with a zillion different elements. #3 could be great, just be sure Jace really looks like he's struggling. I'd like to see, like, a zombie or skeleton arm thrown around his neck and pulling him down, and others ripping at his clothes. #5 would give you a chance to do some really cool, steam-punky design, which would add something pretty different to your portfolio (you already have a zombie/skeleton sort of painting). Sooooo it's up to you, sir! As usual, you've come up with some great stuff!