Friday, February 12, 2010

Becca's "Rust" Final...and then some!

Here it is folks! In ahead of schedule, as Valentine's Day will be taking over my weekend :) I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. Making that model of the head was a huge help - I will definitely be making more models in the future!

Also, here is my loooong overdue Mother Nature painting. I have no good excuses outside of general busyness, but I'm glad it's finally finished!


  1. Hey! I like your gnome farmer-man. Nice rendering on him and his little friend. Good incorporation of the sword and spade. I think there's two little things that are poping out at me... First I would say that the background is still feeling a bit empty. Maybe a case of just adding some interesting clouds or something back there or something more on the horizon. Just feels like the farmland fades into the sky and creates this endless open space. The other thing is that I think the highlights on him could be both lighter and warmer...since he is standing in sunlight. All in all a fun piece! I like out it came out!

  2. This character is really fun, I really like his face and skin tone and the way everything is rendered. His feet are really popping out at me, those shoes look pretty wonky especially the one on the shovel. I think that house could use a touch more contrast and color to it also. It seems real hazy and not far enough away to warrant that. He's really fun though, good job.