Monday, February 1, 2010

Becca's "Rust" Sketch

Alright folks, here it is! The verdict was to draw the gnome-creature... he has industriously recycled an old sword to fix a broken spade, and now has a sprouting garden. His pet grasshopper looks on in admiration.

I have also included a couple of my reference photos (note the lovely model) and a sculpture I did for the gnome's face (his ear was later eaten off by my rabbit. Bad rabbit!)


  1. Oh no you didn't post that photo!! (Although I do like the look... I might start dressing that way in public now)

    Anyway, I enjoy your costume design for the Gnome, particularly his little vest. Can't wait to see it finished, even if that means I'll be the body of a gnome!

  2. I think you are quite handsome in this photo :) The long underwear really is a good look for you. Be forewarned, in the final painting I have enlarged his belly.

    Thanks for commenting!!

    p.s. Scott and Owen gave me in-person critiques, which is why they haven't posted on here... it's definitely not because they don't love me... 'sniffle'