Friday, July 9, 2010

Lis's Baba Yaga drawing

Hello! So I finished my drawing (unless there are any major edits) and have transferred it to the watercolor paper. Here it is:


  1. love it. can't wait to see this done. the only thing i would maybe add are a bowl full of spoons or spoons somewhere in the piece. its probably not in your story that this is based on but there are a lot of baba yaga stories out there and one of them has her breaking into peoples houses to count their spoons. i love that story, really creepy. but thats it and its not something that needs to be in there. her cabin design is great.

  2. Lis this is faaabulous! Love the details - the legs of the chair and table = awesome. Are those pots hanging over the fire going to be cooking something? I might like to see something flopping out over the side of one of them. And I can't quite tell from the sketch, but it would be nice to see the top of the doll's head that she's holding - it seems like she's looking at it, but it's not there. Notice I only have teeny tiny suggestions. Get painting! Woo!