Sunday, July 4, 2010

OK Owen is Startin' Fresh

So this is why having this blog is great.  My drawing for my current painting was riddled with flaws, and my blog partners were nice enough to let me know what was wrong with it.  It wasn't very dynamic, didn't have enough angles and the perspective was predictable.  Although it is really tough to admit when one's composition isn't working, one has to move past it and take advantage of good constructive criticism.  I want this to be a great piece, so I have trashed the last one and am starting over.  I think this one is much better.

The panther character is attacking a flying horse and rider in mid-air.  The winged horse will have armor as will the falling rider.  Basically a Barye sculpture in the air.  What I can't quite decide on is the background color.  Green:

or Brown:

I would just like to thank my friends for letting me know when a composition isn't working, 'cause we all need to help each other out, especially in such a competitive world.  Criticizing art of any form is tough to do, it hurts people's feelings and makes them feel inadequate.  But doing it in a constructive way helps us become better artists.  I feel this is a better composition and a better use of my time.  Please let me know if I should change anything. 



  1. I like this a lot better Owen! Woo!!! Action packed. I think I like it best with green. Also, maybe tilt them more counter-clockwise so it looks like the panther beast has come up from below and the horse is rearing up, that would be pretty rad. right now they're too vertical. You can probably even zoom in a bit so they fill the image more. Is panticore the name?? that's a good name for the creature.

  2. Nice! This one is looking a lot better. I like the action and the top-down view. I also agree the green might be nice. Maybe use some smoke trails or something to add to the background design.
    I know it's just your thumbnail so far. I think there's a lot you can do with cropping and the wings to help push the angle and action. I did a little workover ( if you don't mind in photoshop just cropping in and playing with the shapes of the wings. You can also think about the animals poses. get some good curves in there. Maybe the pegasus' head is thrown back in pain...maybe there's some other panticore's coming in from the distance to get the falling rider? I think this'll be a really great painting. Just make sure this action is convincing and those writhing anatomies are spot-on. Maquettes! I hope that helps! WHOO!