Friday, July 9, 2010

Panticore Attack Sketch

I really liked the ideas Scott had for my piece, so I cropped in a bit and gave more perspective to the panther's wings.  Can't wait to start working on this, it's been so long since I've done a real action piece.  Thanks for all the help.


  1. Awesome Awesome!! Really looking great Owen, I can't wait to see this painted! The only thing that stands out to me at this point is that the horse's right front leg looks a bit short. Maybe it's the perspective, but it looks a little funky to me. Maybe Lis, with all her horse anatomy knowledge, can chime in here. I'm excited to see how much your pushing yourself on this one!

  2. Wooo!! I love this! Yeah the horses legs definitely need to be longer... When horses rear the legs look short, but i think they need to be just a bit longer, maybe it's the thickness of the chest... here's a photo -

    Also want to watch the back paws of the panticore, especially the one on the bottom - it looks a little stiff. I found this photo of a leopard that kind of shows it at that angle:
    Paw probably needs to be a bit bigger, right now its all toes. But yeah, totally feeling the action and motion here!