Thursday, January 20, 2011

Becca's Aesop's Fable Sketch

The Ass, The Fox, and the Lion:

I think I've made some major improvements from my initial sketches. I am really working on making the characters expressive, in facial and body language. This is something that I haven't pushed myself to do very much, so I am really excited about this piece.


  1. YES! now that's what i'm talkin' about! I love the space you got going on now and the character design. Really good expressive characters. I love the usage of their tails as framing devices leading us up to that poor little donkey.
    I think the one little tiny thing i would say is to watch out for the foxes feet being a little too close and parallel with the bottom edge.
    Otherwise i think you're ready to rock this one!

  2. YEAH!!! I almost typed "now this is what I'm talkin bout" and then I saw Scott's comment ):

    Anyway awesome, I looove that lion. fantastic mane of hair. This is gonna be great :D poor little donkey awrg. Fox has a great expression too.

    I agree about the fox's paws being close to the edge... maybe make the paw on the ground go down a little farther so that the feet aren't on the same plane.

    Also the lions back leg looks a bit wonky... not sure what reference you used, it might actually look like that in the reference. I found a few close angles - (a statue, but you can really see the muscle. maybe showing the muscles will help) (a little closer)

    Though I can see why you want the leg to go off the screen because it would be weird to have the edge so close to a leg that is parallel to it... hmmm.....

    or maybe a different kind of crouch like this endearing lion cub - hahahaha. i saw actual photos with the leg kinda like that too... could work somehow...


  3. yeah this is pretty awesome becca. and very different from your usual style. i like it a lot. god that donkey looks so lonely, the lion looks really menacing and the fox so conniving. can't wait to see this finished.