Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lis's Aesop's Fables sketches


Here is my idea and a color comp (:

The fable I chose is the Fox and the Goat. There are two slightly different versions of this story, but here's one of them:

By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he could not get out. A Goat passed by shortly afterwards, and asked the Fox what he was doing down there. "Oh, have you not heard?" said the Fox; "there is going to be a great drought, so I jumped down here in order to be sure to have water by me. Why don't you come down too?" The Goat thought well of this advice, and jumped down into the well. But the Fox immediately jumped on her back, and by putting his foot on her long horns managed to jump up to the edge of the well. "Good-bye, friend," said the Fox, "remember next time,

"Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties."

The fox is stuck in the well and is looking toward the viewer with a mischievous laugh, kind of a "Get a load of this guy!" expression. The goat stands dumbly, unaware he's about to be duped. I think I might ink this piece before painting, too... I miss ink! The color comp is a bit saturated on this computer... the one I made it on has a duller screen... I'd prefer it a little less saturated. Also, perspective of the rim of the well is a bit wonky at the moment, gotta make some reference somehow with a roll of paper or something.


  1. Lis, this is looking great. Just a couple of thoughts - I wonder if you could push the perspective a bit more so that it really looks like the fox is stuck down there. Right now it looks a bit like with one good leap he could probably get out on his own. I'm liking the crossing ellipses of the shadow in the well, the rim of the well, and that oval of blue sky. We are both going to be painting some seriously wicked little foxes - poor foxes, they get such a bad rep.

  2. Good point about the perspective!!! I'll post the final drawing before I go into paint, of course, and will try to have that worked out :D

  3. yeah i agree with becca, a bit deeper in that pit and it'll look awesome, i looove the color scheme. so nice.