Sunday, January 16, 2011

Becca's Aesop's Fable roughs

OK, I'm torn. Here is the fable that I chose:
The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion

The Ass and the Fox, having entered into partnership together for
their mutual protection, went out into the forest to hunt. They
had not proceeded far when they met a Lion. The Fox, seeing
imminent danger, approached the Lion and promised to contrive for
him the capture of the Ass if the Lion would pledge his word not
to harm the Fox. Then, upon assuring the Ass that he would not
be injured, the Fox led him to a deep pit and arranged that he
should fall into it. The Lion, seeing that the Ass was secured,
immediately clutched the Fox, and attacked the Ass at his

Moral: Never trust your enemy
In the first one, the fox and lion are conspiring, while the poor donkey nibbles away obliviously. In the second one, I took it slightly less literally, and show the fox and the lion conspiring, while the donkey nervously looks on (whether or not he realizes he's about to be betrayed is left unknown). In the third image, the donkey has fallen into the trap, and the fox suddenly realizes he is now in danger.



  1. i would probably go with the first one, but i think the lion needs to look a little more menacing. he looks pretty cuddly. and i think the space above the lions head needs some background, very open up there, unless you wanna incorporate the title in there.

  2. I know these are super rough sketches, but I want to make sure I say everything so that I don't have to say anything for the final sketch! haha

    Lots of potential here, but it needs way more action and 'story'. First of all, there needs to be some overlap with the figures... If there were more action with the characterization it would help with this. For example... the lion and the fox can be walking together away from the Donkey to have a private word, with the lions head turned toward the fox, who is looking up. In the background you see the Donkey, maybe with his back to the viewer, turning his head to look over his 'shoulder' at the others.... chewing his grass and slightly worried. There just needs to be more movement and a 'scene' instead of three animals standing around in separate areas of the image. More obvious interaction is needed.

    I agree... the lion does look pretty cuddly!!! hehehe. He could have a great sneaky menacing expression... there are a million lion photos on the internet and I'm sure a few of them have some great expressions! Think of Scar in Lion King!!! Now that's a double-crosser!

  3. Ok so not to sound harsh or anything, but i'm really kind of bored with these. Eeek! I don't want be a pest, but I really think these need to be more resolved for the "sketch" phase. I'm not particularly drawn into the scene with anything and we really need to be. The characters have to take on lives of their own! I want to hear that conversation between the fox and lion and see that the lion is a sneaky sucker. So I know you're just working things out in photoshop here, but I want you to go and explore the scene a bit more. Try more depth. A different view point. Overlap some of the characters!
    Try to make this the best damn painting you've ever done! Have fun with it! ....make me believe you're having fun with it!

    I know you know these guys:
    Have a look at Omar Rayyan ( His characters are just amazing and so full of life. Check out his compositions and character interactions.

    Jerry Pinkney:


    Anyway, just trying to help! You know I know you rock.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys - I guess I should have been clearer about these - I meant them to be more like thumbnails, just trying to figure out the composition and what's going on, as opposed to developing the characters and everything. I guess that's what I get for sharing too early! Lis, I totally already drew a donkey with his back turned to the viewer, so I'll play with that more. I still plan on turning in a sketch on the 20th :)