Friday, December 16, 2011

Craig's Viking Drawing

Here is my Viking drawing. I need to do a color sketch next and in it I will be paying a lot of attention to planning out the tones of the various layers involved here including all the atmospheric hazy levels. For now I'd love to hear which details of the drawing work for you and which need tweaking. I'm pretty happy with most elements but I'll let you comment first. Thanks!



    Did a drawover! I fixed his face... his features were too far apart, mouth too big. Gives him a broader jaw which I like, especially from that slightly below angle.

    The anatomy on his arm was a little scrunched looking... theres part of this arm muscle that was missing... no idea what it was called, but i tried to draw it... hahaha. the area right above the inner arm when it bends....

    The axe looked like it was cutting him in the leg... just show a little bit of it behind his leg to get rid of that tangent.

    I turned his leg a bit (his right leg, left to us). Both his legs look super straight and rigid so I think turning it helps give it a little bend.

    I adjusted the two horse heads a bit to make them more refined and look stronger... as a result they are a little big, so they could be shrunk.

    Where the trees get close to the horse is tight, like the horse is crammed in there. I'd try to make some overlap or just make the space between top of trees and horse wider.

    That's all I can see right now!!!! (: Looks great though! I'm excited to see your color selection.

  2. Well I think Lis just about covered it. This is going to be an awesome piece - really strong with a lot going on!

    I'd just add to the critique to watch those three horses on the right/middle of the page - they are stacked really evenly and their heads all line up a bit too perfectly - if just one of them was tossing it's head up or down more, I think it would solve that problem .

    I think you are already doing this, but to keep the eye moving around the page instead of shooting off to the left (following those horses), make sure the darkness in the sky brings you back around to the guy.

    And then the last thing is to really nail his facial expression. I just can't tell from the sketch what his emotion is - get the eyes right and you'll be golden :)

    Can't wait to see it in color!

  3. of course i'm too late to say much after all that, yeah lis is pretty good about seeing everything. the tree line also seems to make a tangent with the foreground that is bothering me. but yeah thats all i see that lis and becca didn't touch on. looks awesomely epic.