Friday, December 2, 2011

Craig's Viking Thumbnails

Scott's right, so many ideas for vikings!

This is how the idea progressed. I just want the most intense, fierce looking warrior I can paint. Hopefully a real contrast to the Unicorn piece. One was a little wonky. Two introduced a cool storm filled sky with vertical shafts of light streaking down, but much too posy. Three is a much more interesting pose to me, how does it work for you? Four is vertical possibly like a Magic planeswalker and I'm trying to push the half barbarian/half viking idea farther, but way too posy. Five is starting to look better, he's on the dragon ship about to hit shore, throw his spear and attack, more perspective and depth. Crazy storm filled sky with these sort half angel/Valkyrie things (from two) looming above and a strip of sea and bright horizon line way in the back.

Anything good here? Let's all get in Spectrum!


  1. I just wanted to give you all kudos for challenging and encouraging each other. All great ideas in your thumbnails. Looking forward to seeing the WIP's.

  2. I would say that the 5th one is the best. I feel like you should push the fantasy element a bit more, have maybe the ghost of odin looking down, or one of the valkyries. it would make him seem more noble too, like he's fighting for his gods. it's a nice perspective. Is this your Frazetta piece?, cus he look like he's straight out of a Frazetta painting.

  3. I love all of these!!!!! But I like the last two, the vertical pieces, the best. Awesome portraits. Having some fantasy element in the background would definitely be cool, it adds an extra layer so that it's not just a portrait. Doesn't have to be in your face though... could be subtle.

    I like the position of the axe but you might want to check if that's how he would actually hold it out.... what if the blade were pointing down instead like in the 4th one? Does it matter? I'm not sure hahaha, just something to think about (:

  4. I'm in agreement with the above two folks. I think #5 does it the most for me. #4 is nice, but certainly and quieter more introspective kind of piece which could be cool too depending on what you're going for. But since you said that you want the most badass warrior around then I think 5 is your best best. I like the composition so far as I think is got a nice in-your-face feel while also having a bit more of a story element to it with the background elements. I think the axe head is fine...maybe just needs to be a little more in perspective coming at us....but i'm terrible at drawing perspective and all that in my thumbnails too.
    I look forward to seeing a final sketch for this guy!