Friday, December 16, 2011

Lis's Viking Sketch

So here's the final sketch... I will be printing it out lightly and then drawing it nicely with pencil. As you can see it has really changed! It was super horizontal and kind of boring before. Brought it into my mentorship with Rebecca Guay for critique. Super excited to paint this... hopefully painting it won't be a nightmare--in particular the water and froth. But if all else fails... photoshop! :P I need to edit the hand with the hair entwined around it... fingers are a lil weird.

And here's a color comp... but it's not really complete... it'll probably end up a lot different with more contrast and color, etc.


  1. Lis, this is beautiful - I definitely see the Rebecca Guay influence, and it also reminds me of something that Kurt and Zelda might do. Really nice! The drawing is solid. In your color comp I'd like to see more differentiation between the foreground with the ship, and the woman - I think you could direct the eye more with greater contrast or different colors - you mentioned above that you are planning on that, so I'm sure it'll be fine. It's just that right now, my eye doesn't quite know what to look at first (it goes to the ship first when I squint, but barely). Other than that it looks great!

  2. the only thing i would like to see more of is the vikings. not sure if you would want to show a bit of them sailing. you could have one or two floating in the water... i don't know, its up to you, it looks great as is, just kinda wanna see more figures.

  3. Yeah I'm gonna have some silhuettes of figures in the boat for sure!

  4. This is looking really cool Lis! I hope you're not done with it yet ha ha.

    The layer of waves between the boat and the goddess needs to be tightened up and defined so it looks like distinct waves receding into the distance. That will lock her in as a really huge creature! It will be fun/tough to paint the waves. I would research some sea paintings. For me, painting natural forms and making them look real a big challenge.

    The color sketch is cool. But it looks like you've layed in your major color but haven't picked out your light areas yet. I would take it a little farther and design your lighting right there in the sketch.

    The action and the unique pose of the goddess are great!