Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death King Thumbs

Hello everyone,

So Scott is off in Egypt, as we have said many times, and he has been doing some commissioned projects for some card companies.  So my next piece will be another personal piece for my portfolio, a  "Death King" image.  A Skeletal character with armor, more a character based image than story based.  My idea is based around this character having a nice relaxing smoke after a day of hard work.

So these are my thumbs.  I will be doing the horizontal version to make more of a card based composition.  See you in a week or so.


  1. Haha! Very amusing! One very important thing - make sure that pipe is SO not a normal pipe... I think it would make it too silly. Think awesome gandalf pipe, but less pipe looking. You know what I mean? It should fit in with his character/armor so it doesnt stick out too much as just like... a wooden pipe. Invent a really sweet pipe with designs on the side, maybe some curves, could be longer...

    I really like the creepy crown growing out of his head, make it huge and badass! hahaha

    horizontal format is good... I think it would be better to show from waste/thigh up though, not his entire body. Focus more on him rather than the scene as a whole - it is a character portrait after all. If it were a card he would be mega tiny if you showed the full body. You can still show a mound of bones in the background (think hideous garbage dump of corpses) with nifty smoke clouds

  2. Cool idea Owen! The vertical one reminds me of a card from deck of cards - it'd be cool to do a twisted version of a normal deck of cards (Skeletons of Hearts, Zombies of Spades, etc).

    But anyways, since you want to do the horizontal one, I'll focus on that :) I agree with Lis that showing him from a closer-up view would make for better card art - and you could really get in there with some nice details. The creepy crown is great, and yeah, be sure to do something awesome with that pipe. It seems like it'd be one of the focal points of the piece, so make it bigger and weird, like really twisted and gnarled and evil looking.

    I like your armor designs. I imagine it as being nicely made (he is a king after all), but well worn, maybe rusting in some spots and showing the marks of battle. You could do some really cool stuff with the armor design.

    I like where this is going!