Monday, November 29, 2010

Lis's Egypt Painting

Hi! Finished the painting. I think I'll call it "The Call of Hathor"... maybe. Titles are always difficult! I originally had white around the image and border, but it was too bright so I brought in the dark blue color on photoshop. Night paintings, especially with watercolor, can be challenging, but I think I pulled it off... The glow was achieved by missing chinese white with greens/blues/yellows, made me want to play with an opaque medium like gouache again! maybe next time...

Maybe I should send this over to Neil deGrasse Tyson who wrote Death by Black Hole. He mentioned, with annoyance, how artists always paint either a full or crescent moon. Since reading the book, I've always wanted to make him proud with a gibbous moon! Hmm... apparently he is now too famous to personally e-mail. Ah well, this is for you, Dr. Tyson!


  1. thats awesome lis great job. i think everything is working well in this piece.

  2. Lis, this is awesome! I, too, have no criticism. The light is great, especially the moonlight on her arm and dress - lovely. Hmm, ok there might be one thing, although it could just be the way my computer is making it look... the glow of the ship's sail (the bright spot in the middle of the sail) might be a tad too bright. I'm finding it a little distracting from the girl - try covering it with your hand to see what I mean. You might think about knocking it down just a tad - then again, it might just be my bright screen! Other than that minor thing, this a really fantastic piece!