Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lis's Egypt Sketch

So here is my idea! I already see things I want to fix... lower the frame so there is less sky, anatomical issues, make the papyrus clearer (that will really happen in paint though). I wanted to do an action scene, something that could be suitable on a book cover.

Story in brief: Some young Egyptian wealthy/princess/priestess-esque girl has been possessed/sleepwalking, hearing a goddess and heading toward some unknown destination. She's holding a sistrum, an ancient instrument typically associated with women and either the goddesses Hathor or Bastet. It's a night scene, with a boat on the nile (that she disembarked from, or perhaps someone is trying to catch up with her?), and a temple on the shore across the river. I plan on making her eyes and the sistrum glowing.

Oh... I just realized if the moon is just a sliver, as I have it here, there probably wouldnt be much moonlight. Hmmm... perhaps I should make it a full moon or even a gibbous moon, the kind artists rarely paint.

Border with egyptian motif or no? Don't have any pieces with borders, so it could be nice...


  1. hey lis sorry i didnt see this earlier. this is a cool idea, the only thing that is standing out to me is her pose. it looks really unnatural, i think it's mostly the bent arm. maybe if that arm was stretched out a bit, or at least less bent it might look better. the outfit looks great, and I like the extreme sliver of a moon, i don't think you have to worry about the lighting being accurate, that where artistic license comes into play.

  2. which arm, the one holding the sistrum or the other? Thanks!