Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becca's "Flight" Final

Well, I managed to get it done, despite being in the midst of moving to a new apartment, and not spending a single weekend at home! I had to take a photo of this instead of my usual scan, and the background turned out a bit lighter in this image than in person (and I don't have photoshop...yet!). I'll put up a better version when I get a chance. In the meantime, if anyone has any thoughts about this, lay 'em on me! I had fun with this one!


  1. Needless to say, the beauty & spooky quality of the owl and its riveting eyes and the serenity of the rider are just lovely. I absolutely love the starry sky background which has something of the dimensionality and intensity of that Van Gogh a few people have seen. Fun to enlarge this piece up as far as it will go to get a real sense of the expressive character of the girl and the magical galactic swirls. Great stuff!

  2. Hey! whew, sorry about my tardiness in comments. This looks great! nice and simple. It has a good adventuring feel to it. I think one thing you could do to make this even better would be to maybe make the background a bit darker,or less contrasty, or something to make them less in the same value range...i know you said it looked different in person. but if you could get the bird and the girl to really come at ya would be great. because i think right now it's all a bit too midtone blues. Other wise it's a really nice piece. You should be happy with it!

  3. i think scott beat me to everything i would say about this piece. it was a really good choice to put the galaxies and stars in there, makes this piece really different. good job.