Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scott's Flight

Well here's my final sketch for "Flight". I had lots of fun doing this piece, and since I enjoyed doing my witch drawing in charcoal so much I decided to give it another go with this one. I'm pretty sure I'll be cursing myself in two weeks for choosing to do this one larger than my usual. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve this one before going to paint. Thanks!


  1. Scott, this is looking great. I like what you did with the perspective. My only critique would be to watch out that the girl's right arm doesn't look too beefy (I think it's the sleeveless shirt that's doing that), and that her expression isn't too goofy (it's right on the edge now). The boy looks a tad stiff compared to the other characters, but that's not a huge problem. And don't worry about the large size of the painting - use bigger brushes :oD

  2. yeah becca had some good comments on the people, other than that i noticed that the tower/ castle in the background looks a bit off. if you turn the piece so the horizon is level, the castle looks slanted to the right, so i would either correct the castle or the horizon line.