Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Magic Feather

This is my final for the "Flight" assignment.  My image is a little more children's book oriented, I liked the idea of a boy riding on a gold fish and that would really only work for a 4-5 yr old.  I am really happy with how this came out.  I really need to do more paintings like this, I think I get intimidated doing  children's book type stuff, but it's a lot of fun.  The seagulls make it for me in this piece.

The Magic Feather, 11" x 17", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.


  1. Hey cool! I'm really liking what you've done with this one. nice colors and those seagulls look great! I like the fish's expression is kinda like "uuhh that's a long way down..." I think maybe you could play with the fish design a bit. Because i like that he looks like a giant gold fish, but he looks fairly normal, except he has these strange things hanging from his tail...so that makes me wonder why this normal fish has odd things on his tail. So maybe you could make him a bit less normal? or not have the hangy things? i'm not sure what works better. anyways just thinking aloud. Good simple image though.

  2. Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to comment! OK, so this looks great! I agree with Scott that the fish could be a bit more interesting - maybe even with just some patterns in the scales or something. The birds look great, the sky is convincing, and the boy looks good too (although I think you might see more of his right thigh...). Nice one! I'm glad you took a chance and did a kid's painting :)