Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scott's Flight Final (at last!)

Well here it is! after a crazy week and a half of packing and moving and unpacking (or in the middle of) I am finished. I apologize for a poor quality photo since all i have are the lights on my drafting table. I think I left my photo floods at the old apartment. But I will surely update with a new color-corrected, unfuzzy, non-washed out on the left side and too dark on the bottom version (also some burning has made the left kids face a bit weird). but for now, enjoy! and throw any comments at me if you feel compelled. now off to find my mouse pad and some turpenoid....


  1. this looks really great! that boy is really standing out as being stiff and lifeless though. As a little addition i love the little people on the pathway, i think maybe you should put more of them in there, little groups on the paths leading up to the castle and other places you can stash em. looks really nice though.

  2. Sheesh! Took me long enough to comment on this, huh? Scott, this looks awesome. I love the design of everything, and the composition is sweet. My only comment would be that the farther away bird/dragon is pretty much the same tone as the background that it's against, which takes away from the sense of height that could be achieved if they were more separated. I guess I would fix it by fading out the background more. Overall, though, I find this to be rather awesome.