Friday, September 3, 2010

Becca's D&D for Kids Sketch

Here is my drawing for the D&D Kids-themed project. I wanted to scan it in, but discovered that my rabbit had completely chewed through the USB cable on one of her recent forays into my room! 'Sigh'. So instead - a photograph.

I chose to depict a young elf and a battlebriar. OK, disclaimer, when I first discovered a description of a battlebriar, it said it was a frog-like creature. I later found out it is supposed to be more lion-like, but I loved the frog thing so I went with it. Either way, it's a creature that is at least partially made out of plants, so I've covered much of it's body with leafy scales. They also have six legs... I can already see that I'll need to give more room around those front toes. Critique away!


  1. This is a fun one! i like the expression given to the elf. I also like the incorporation of the saddle attaching to the horns. I think maybe the Battlebriar's right hand is a bit too large....or his left is too small? either way, one is bigger than the other, and you should make sure that they look the same scale.I think other than that (and the need for more room in front of him) this is a really cool piece. Maybe think a little more about the background. It should stay simple, but maybe the addition of a little variety or some other little element might bring even more to this. Great!! Can't wait to see the final!

  2. Bad Aerie!!!! D:

    I love the leaves he is covered in!! Yeah that right hand is definitely too big! I think a nice touch would be to have some grass/flowers sticking up between toes and around the battlebriar's body, itll give it some weight and all around make it more united. This probably doesn't really matter, but the stirrup on the right is showing at his inner leg, but the one on the left is on the outside of his leg. But the mix up could be kind of cute, showing that he's just playing around and still learning how to ride! (which may have been your intention)

    On the left leg of the elf, the one that's foreshortened, make the layered pants more curved to show the curve of the leg. Right now they have the same curve as the layers on the right leg which we're seeing from the side.

    Background, yeah a little more could be cool... maybe a couple stones, a little bug or butterfly at the top flying around

    Anyway that is all I could think up! It looks great :D It'll be a good piece for sending to D&D but i can totally see this kind of image in other places like childrens magazines and stuff too! I love the elf's expression.

  3. yeah i think scott and lis said pretty much everything. make sure you definitely add more space in front of the creature, cause it feels very confined. and the elf's left thigh looks really awkward to me. i think it needs to be thickened quite a bit. but this is a really unique piece stylistically, kinda like what elves' version of steampunk would be like. very strange and fun.