Friday, September 10, 2010

Lightning Dragon Sketch

My thumbnail definitely changed drastically.  The lightning dragon has transformed from roaring on a mountain to charging itself in a storm.  Looking forward to getting started on this one.


  1. Hey dude!

    Sweeeeet! Well there are a few things that bother me, and I thought a draw-over might be easier to explain it than typing it out.

    tail/legs - the tail sticking out in between the legs looks kind of awkward in a smutty way, he's kind of spread eagle there. If you bring the tail back and around you can straighten the legs a bit so that he's flowing backwards more (like he's flying in circles, more aerodynamic). The tail was too massive and looks like its way too thick. i like that it goes off the page, but i think the wings and lightening going off the page is enough. i think the tail and head could be nice within the page.

    I think I would like the head like this better instead of thrown back... more intimidating and then you can draw his face, the dragon face is important! it didn't stick out enough to my eye.

    hand/wing/fingers - just make em a little bigger

    Anyway... i know it seems like a lot, but its mostly just shrinking the tail, straightening his legs, and making his head visible :P I think its gonna be awesome though, can't wait to see what colors you choose, and how you do the lightning!

  2. Owen, I am excited to see how you'll do the lightening on this one - cool idea! I think Lis's suggestions are really good. Another way to avoid the spread eagle-ness might be to just raise the dragon's left leg (one closest to us) so that it overlaps with the body more, and the tail isn't coming down straight between them. Right now the perspective on the tail doesn't seem quite plausible - it looks like the tail just gets gigantic and heavy... you could try something like in Lis's draw-over, or maybe just make the tail thinner, and tilt the coiled part inwards a bit. You could play with the composition in the computer, or piece it together on tracing paper. Overall I like where this is going - it's definitely way more dynamic than in that first thumbnail. Oooh, and just an idea, think about doing some cool patterning on the wings and/or body! So many fun possibilities for this! Can't wait to see it in color :)