Friday, September 10, 2010

Elf Hunter Drawing

Here's my final drawing for my elf hunter image. i'm looking forward to painting this one. Hopefully i'll have enough time to squeeze it in while working on a few other projects.


  1. Hey Scott, lookin great! Looks like you went with crows? I am curious what your color palette will be for this one. You've drawn a convincingly strong-looking female warrior-type. This may just be me, but she looks a bit thick in the chest/torso area... I think it's that area of her upper back, where her where her bra/shirt thingy comes around, that is making her a bit thick-looking. You might take it in just a tad, to follow the line of her body more. The only other minor thing is that her ear is sticking pretty straight up (like if she were to face you head-on, her ear would be taller than the top of her head), when it should probably be angled back more. These are just little tweaks, other than that I wouldn't change a thing!

  2. Oh yeah, I agree with Becca about that ear. I never noticed!!! And I think part of the reason her torso looks thick is because the arrow holder is visible back there but kind of blends in... but still, it is a bit thick. Easily fixed though :D Her elbow area is super thin too, could probably be thickened.

  3. Oh thanks guys, i didn't realize about the ear. I will fix it!
    They aren't crows actually, they are starlings....but my intension for them is to be more silhouettes rather than super detailed so that they don't compete too much. Color-wise I am planning on it being golden hour lighting, blue sky with some clouds, and the grass will be a kind of golden yellow ochre color. And also, I see what you're saying about her torso, though I do think it's mostly because her arrow quiver is kinda blending into her back. I will make sure to not get them confused in the final. Thanks for the input!