Monday, September 27, 2010

Elf Hunter (Unfinished)

What happened to the time! Ahh! 
Well, anyway, today I am off to Egypt for the next 11 weeks so I will have to put this painting on hold. I was hoping to finish this up before leaving, but another unexpected job turned up at the last minute and need to be worked on. As you can see she still needs her belt, dagger, and bow. Also, the grass at the bottom and right of the image needs to be done (would've been hard to do over the wet white dress right now anyways). So here's my image as it stands for now. The photo is kind of yellow because of my table lamps. I will see if it can fit into my travel bag, but it may have to wait until December :(. 


  1. Scott, this is looking great, I am loving your color choices - reminds me a bit of Michael Whelan. It'd be cool if you could work on it in Egypt. My only idea right now (and you might be planning on this already) would be to break up the mass of hair a little, maybe with some wisps around the edges.

    This is totally a book cover!

  2. yeah this is looking very nice. can't wait to see the final.