Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Becca's Final: Taming the Battlebriar

I have to say, I had a ton of fun with this painting! Using only watercolors (no colored pencil) is still fairly new to me, and with each painting I'm getting closer to the effects that I want to achieve.

(Sidenote: The scan looks a tad pinkish to me. Does it look that way to anyone else?)


  1. Fantastic, fun, kinetic, airy...can almost hear the rider giggling. Details draw the eye in and keep the eye moving. The flapping tongue mirrored by the flapping shoulder bag, great touch. A wonderful, crazy moment, captured. Love it!

  2. Not pinkish to me! Perhaps its your monitor. My art always looks different on every monitor I see it on.

    But anyway, I love it!!! So fun. I love how the brattlebriar's big feet are sticking out of the frame and I'm really enjoying that elf. I can just hear him in my head right now wooping and hyucking away. Haha! Also love the butterfly! and the flowers!!! I'm glad you're liking the watercolor, because you do it well!

    The only suggestion I have, and it is truly a minor one, is to separate the grass under the brattlebriar from him a bit more. the colors are too similar green. I would just throw a quick wash of an ochre or reddish hue on the grass underneath (you could even do it digitally), the frog will pop out even more!