Monday, April 18, 2011

Becca's Unicorn Sketch

Well here it is! I am pretty pleased with how it's looking so far, and excited to play with the color - the top part with the bull will be done in reds, the bottom part in blues/greens... I think I'll try to do some sort of color comp like Lis.

My new goal is to do better thumbnails. I definitely didn't spend enough time flushing out my idea initially - I was impatient to get to the 'real' drawing I guess. I'm curious what ya'll think about my horse anatomy (esp you Lis, as our horse expert). I want the unicorn to look dainty, and not totally realistic (tiny hooves) but still plausible.


  1. i like it, i didnt know what you were trying to do with the thumbs but i understand now. one thing that i might change: the birds on the stump are very calm for such a calamitous event. if they were flying away or at least starting to flap their wings it would make more sense. looks cool.

  2. Cool! Yeah now that I can see what you were aiming for, this will be a nice piece. I hate thumbnails too, but it's good to spend a bit more time really thinking about shapes and composition...if anything, so we can see what your thoughts are! :) This looks great though! I like Owen's idea of having the birds a bit more ready to flee or in the act of fleeing. That crow is awefully close to poking the unicorn in the butt. So i'd think about repositioning him a little at least. What I really would like to see is that giant bull smashing through a tree or two literally. It would really show his speed and power and make him just that much more threatening. For the unicorn, I see what you're trying to do by making her legs smaller, but i think the hooves may be just a bit too small. also, the back legs might need some work, but i'm no horse expert by a long shot so i'll leave that one to Lis.

  3. Hi! First, a little draw-over:

    Horse - the tail kind of has this muscle ridge in between the butt mounds... hahaha. so i just drew that in to show you. More of a connection to the back. Just defined the neck and chest a bit more, they have weird muscles...bulls and unicorns both -horsey cleavage. actually lookign at pictures.. some bulls might not have it, they get this flap of skin.. anyway look at some bull chests hahaha.

    i just made the front legs a bit longer... i like the daintiness too but maybe just make them slightly larger, it looks like the back hooves are larger already, the back hooves work. in regards to the legs, horses do have a moment when running when their legs do that, strange as it seems haha. i just separated them a bit more, they looked like they connected too soon. Here are some pictures of horses in this position so everyone else sees that it is indeed what happens! (this ones a little different, the leg in the very back is in a more bent position, if you want to try that one out)

    Bull - also moved the bulls arm down a bit, it was higher than the other arm. made the tree in front a little closer to him so it looks like it can be uprooting... also a fallen broken one under his legs - i agree with scott about showin some damage. Might look cool to have his tail coming more toward the viewer in front of the trees like its whipping around, gives it more 3d space, was kinda smushed behind the tree.

    animals - i agree with everyone else that there should be some scared animals! the bunnies could even be running away... unless you wanted to show that this would be a battle between the unicorn and bull online (since it is) and the bull doesnt care about anyone else... but people that dont know the story (gasp) might be confused. so might be best to have a few scared ones!

  4. oop, and yah color comps are cool! Have you fixed your computer situation yet? digital color comps are so easy... haha. I actually found an image from an artist I like that had a really nice color scheme and i based mine on it
    its by Christopher Denise (check out his work, so adorable)

    so if you have an artist who has great colors (like gurney!), you can try to base your colors off them too... mine are pretty different in the end but its helpful and a good start

  5. The expression of the unicorn is great. Somehow it looks scared - as it should. The bull could look more like it is really after that unicorn - and furious. At the least it's eye could be more detailed and expressive - looking at the unicorn. But you could go a little farther and turn the head more towards the unicorn (and us) and really wrinkle up its brow and flaring nostrils. Details of landscape are great. I agree with shattering branches around bull, bull tail coming out in front of tree and small animals really exploding with fear and scattering.

  6. Wow, awesome feedback guys. Lis, your paint-over is sooo helpful! Now I'm getting really excited to paint this!