Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craig's Unicorn Thumbnails

First of all thanks to Becca for inviting me to be in on this Unicorn "assignment" and thanks to everyone for letting me be part of Running with Paintbrushes! Let me dive right in ...

I like the upshot of the Unicorn. For some reason I think a unicorn should be with a young woman, maybe a "barbarian" girl?A much more active shot. The woman has just jumped on.

But I think I like this more. A little "posey" but I like the interaction of the unicorn, woman and landscape foreground and background. I'm going to start drawing this up but there's always room for input.


  1. Yeah man! Nice ones. I like them all, but I think you're right about the interaction of the last one. I think so far at this stage I would just be careful that the tree on our right is not running right up her leg at the same angle a bit too close. That's all i've got for now. Sweet!

  2. Yeah I like the 2nd one for the action with the angle and trees and movement but I also really like the last one, the one you prefer. I agree with scott, her leg and the tree are very similar with their angle. Maybe put a bit more space at the top of the image - it would be a good book cover, if there were some space at the top (as if you were leaving room for a title) that might be nice. doesnt have to be a lot of space though, but it could give art directors a good idea of a book cover. love that there is a path and background visible, nice atmospheric stuff could be happening there!

  3. Yeah I personally like the 1st and last ones, they're just nice poses. I agree that if you go with the last one, definitely give it more room at the top. Actually both of them could use more room at the top, the 1st one right now has the horn tip at the edge of the page. I know it's just the thumbnail stage, but sometimes I accidentally do stuff like that in the final.

  4. I really enjoy the second one, but the last one is good too. The second one feels more unique somehow, and I love the action in it. I can see you doing a great job on the last one too, though, so if that's what you're more excited about, go for it! I agree with the others about breaking up the space differently with the trees in the foreground. The pathway leading into the background is a nice touch - it might be cool to see it adding to the story even more, maybe there's the hint of some buildings poking out of the trees, smoke coming from somewhere, something like that. Yay Craig!