Sunday, April 10, 2011

Owen's Unicorn Thumbs

My favorite one is by far the 7th one.  The window would have a girl looking out of it, trees and grass would be growing everywhere the unicorn has touched, and it would be glowing in the night.  I did a sketch today, that isn't included here, where it's a bit more of a perspective and you are looking a bit more under the unicorn, which I like a lot, very dynamic.  
I like the 3rd one, but I think it's ripping Palencar off a bit too much.  All the others I think are a touch too boring.  But I would love to know what you think.


  1. My favorites are 4, 6, 7

    4 - I'm a sucker for rolling landscapes and this could be a cool wraparound cover design, but you would have to flip it so that the horse is moving toward the right and would be on the right side (for the front). Is someone in or outside the house watching?

    6 - i like the silhouette :D reminds me a bit of William Stout (and i love his work, always look at it myself for inspiration) and it has a bit of that sweet rolling landscape in the background... heee. This particular one could be cool if you make it a type of unicorn... like... desert unicorn, peaceful beach unicorn.... er, if you know what i mean. like if it were a desert unicorn it could be tan colored with a certain kind of hair, very muscular, and the background could be golds, reds, oranges, browns... of if it were a beach unicorn, it could be slender and white and flowy and it could be on a majestic cliff over water... or something. Anyway you could think of some pretty cool 'themes'!

    7 - I like the possible story here, but I kind of want to know more... and the piece should speak for itself. Unless the title helps to understand (since it would be a book cover, you don't necessarily always know whats going on with the book cover, even with a title, but being curious would make you want to read more!) Does the girl keep the unicorn as a pet? Is she looking up at it? Does she know its there? It would be nice to have the tops of trees in the background so that it's not such a strong form straight in the middle. Make sure the roof isnt so certical that it would be hard for the horse to walk up it so uniformly..

  2. isn't so 'vertical' i meant, not certical!

  3. Yeah, I think 7 would be cool, and if that's the one you're leaning toward, I say go for it. I agree with Lis that you should be sure that there is a story here, right now it's looking pretty design-y to me. Also, I'd like to see more of the house, like show the bottom of the roof, maybe another window below that, just to reinforce that it's a roof. Lis also brings up a good point of how the unicorn got up there - as far as I know, unicorns don't fly... but I'm also not sure if that matters.

  4. Hmm lots of choices! I personally like #1 actually from an instant recognition point of view. I like the idea of a nice portrait of this girl who finds the poor injured (just guessing) unicorn. Maybe he got shot with an arrow! it could be really symbolic of mankind trying to kill all the magic there is in life? Anyways, I think if you like #7 then it needs to get a bit more environmental. Right now it's kind of flat feeling, but i know it's just a thumbnail. The story for me seems a bit more ambiguous. Why is he on the roof? does the girl know he's on the roof? Why is that house so impossibly small? So maybe just some more hints at a story could help. Is there a town in the background? Wait, i just read Lis' comment...soo yeah i won't keep repeating other things said already. I think wither one of those would work! (though I still like #1 on first impression!)