Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scott's Unicorn Thumbs

A bit late to the game here. Too many things going on lately and not enough time in the day. Anyway, here's the two i came up with quickly.

1. Is of a dreadful unicorn thing with a twisted gnarled root looking horn, being ridden by some dark character. The poor fellow in the front is cowering on a pile of bones...kind of a judgement scene. I want to contrast the darkness of the unicorn/rider to the paleness of the naked guy and the bones. 

2. Is of the same scene but looking past the dark figure/unicorn to the poor soul.
and the unicorn demon horse will look somewhat like this:

Maybe working on a young adult project makes me crave dark evil things?


  1. ARGHGHHAEJRHGAER. my HUGE comment was just deleted. I am enraged.

    Okay in short - 1st one awesome, finished sketch will show it more awesome. make sure theres lots of awesome detail - gnarled trunk, creepy light fog background, evil darkness in front of trunk, weird plants stones, crevices in roots, maybe have tree move toward top right to give it a good swoopy motion because a piece like this should definitely NOT feel 'still' really try to get that movement in there! sigh... i said so much more and i cant remember because i am so enraged my huge comment vanished ):

  2. You WOULD do an evil unicorn! Looks like a cool idea. I like Lis's suggestions on movement and details (I know you're not one to skimp on details). I could really picture this with some sort of dramatic red sky or something...with lightening... something to add to the bizarreness. As far as the design of the unicorn goes, I think you are on the right track with making it sort of skeletal and gnarled. For the ears, rather than having upright horsey ears, maybe they are larger and kind of moth-eaten, with holes or just really raggedy and gnawed at. That's the cool thing about unicorns; they don't really have to be completely horse-like. I am looking forward to you sketch!

  3. yeah i'm not really sure what to say, i like everything you're doing here with this one. I would go with the first composition, I'm wondering what you're gonna do with the rider... make sure he doesn't look too much like the death dealer. It might be cool if it was riderless, I mean in the mythology of unicorns, no one can ride them, 'cept maybe pure women. Oh what if it was a nice dainty looking girl!

  4. Thanks dudes, I will certainly get more depth and movement into this one once I can take some reference. I want it to be dark and of a strange land. Good idea on the gnarly ears becca. I have no idea when i'll be able to do the sketch...hopefully soon...if only there were more hours in the day! Thanks!