Sunday, April 10, 2011

Becca's Unicorn Thumbs

Hey All!

So here are my thumbnails for the Unicorn project. The first two ideas are based on the unicorn that is mentioned in the Chronicles of Narnia, which Peter rode into battle (I've included Aslan the Lion in the images as well). I think a piece like this would enhance my portfolio, because I don't really have any teenage boys in there yet, or anyone in armor, and it could be a good book cover sample. BUT I really like my other idea, which is from the story The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle - in the story, a unicorn ventures out of her protected enchanted forest to find the rest of her kind - the Red Bull has chased all of the other unicorns to a far off land. I thought it would be cool to juxtapose the red of the Red Bull with the gentle blues and greens of the Unicorn - it's less of a concrete scene, and more of an image that might describe the story as a whole.


  1. it's a little hard for me to understand what you intend to accomplish from these thumbs. The Narnia one's seem very tame seem pretty uneventful, where the Last Unicorn one's seem like the bull is just going to kill the unicorn without confrontation. Composition or design-wise the 3rd one looks best here, but it would end up looking very similar to what Lis is doing. I guess I would rather see you do a Narnia piece, but thats just because I know the story a bit. The Last Unicorn one would probably stand out more because it's a bit more unique, but I don't really know whats going on, at least with these drawings.

  2. Well... I would love to see you illustrate BOTH stories! Narnia would be an awesome piece... but I love Last Unicorn too much. I like the beast chasing the unicorn (I don't know if Owen has ever seen the movie or read the book - there is no confrontation, she's running from him). But I guess really show that she's running and terrified. I mean I know you said it's less of a concrete scene... but the horse I think definitely needs to be afraid (or in the very end, the horse DOES confront the beast... but I saw this as the other scene). would help with the juxtaposition

    For Narnia I like the 2nd one best, because I like that theyre overlooking the battle, just more of a story with that one, more atmospheric, overlap, the first one seems too straightforward and bland.

  3. Thanks for the feedback - I might end up doing both (if I have time, so many projects going at once right now!). But for now I think I'll do The Last Unicorn - probably one of the last ones. My thumbnails are pretty sketchy (I gotta get better with thumbnails) - the unicorn is not confronting the bull - I think Lis got what I was trying to do. Like I said in my first explanation, it's not a concrete scene, but meant to encompass the whole story. She's scared, he's angry, she's good, he's bad, etc. It's more abstract and conceptual than I usually work - something new! Woo!

  4. I think that for me I like #1 or 2 best. The last unicorn ones are ok too, but a bit more difficult to relate a story to quickly...As owen pointed out.
    I think for #1 it could be really nice to capture that conversation between Aslan and the unicorn. As if you can hear them talking. It's be nice to get the idea of an army trailing behind them and maybe trees on either side of the path. Or maybe they're on a mountain top? A more immersive environment would help the image. Maybe all three are discussing battle plans along the march? Anyway, it could be nice. #2 is better for composition story telling rather than character like the first one. I'd want to see the battle raging below. Maybe there's some flying birds closer to us or we're more looking over their shoulders.
    Either way I think they'll be nice when you get all the nice details sorted out.