Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Craig's Unicorn Drawing

Here's my drawing. Sky and sea and a small island peeking through at the right. This will need a color sketch to figure out color and values. Should be a challenge with a white dress, white birch trees and a white unicorn.


  1. very nice. the only thing that looks a bit awkward is her foot on the horses foot. maybe if you swing her foot to be on the other side of the hoof (to the left) but still touching the ground, that might help. nice image.

  2. awesome! I love your drawing style. I'm curious - how big is this going to be?? Love the girl! and her sandals!

    I did a draw-over:

    Your horse is a bit tilted and there were some muscles missing. The stomach should stick out a bit too, they're very barrel shaped in the middle. The rump should be a little rounder and there are various rump/leg muscles... I don't have my tablet on me at the moment so I had to make do with a mouse, blegh, so sorry if its too blobby. I would recommend looking at lots of photos of horses standing to see where those muscles go. I also raised the farthest back leg a bit because it looked shorter than the other one.
    Also the horn is off center!!!
    There is more of a tilt in the horse... the front legs, like it could fall over. it is nice to have that one front leg in back of the other, so i wouldnt want you to straight it out... but then if you tilt both legs to give him balance that one leg wouldnt be behind the girls foot anymore... hmmmmmmm
    Anyway yeah those are the main things I see, just horse anatomy!!!

    I like the girls foot on the horses foot. Thats intentional right?

    Oooo you know what... if you did move the two front legs to make the horse more balanced, you could make the girls foot twine around the leg.... the leg wouldnt be directly behind her foot but would be a little more toward the right. If it's an intentional leg-foot touch to add more affection, having it twine would be even more affectionate.

    Anyway i hope this wasnt too confusing... haha If you need clarification, ask me!!

  3. Nice man! This is looking really good. I think Lis touched upon most of the technical aspects pretty well. So I spose all i can say is... Go paint! Woo!

  4. This looks great! I think Lis covered most everything. This is a really nice drawing - you should have more drawings in your portfolio! Love the little designy bits like the way you did the hooves. Get painting!

  5. Lis! Thanks for spotting the crooked horn! And for all the anatomy tips. I know I can change him a little because he's a uni not a horse but you're right about lots of ref for his musculature. Becca, I know you liked that other thumb, maybe I can do it some day, I just liked the interaction here. The drawing is 9x12 and I think I'll go up to 18x24 for the painting. Owen and Lis, I kind of like the thing her foot is doing but will try your suggestion - will probably look better. Rock!