Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Becca's IMC Thumbs

So I am all in for the Beauty and the Beast assignment. Given that I'm going the more children's book-y route, I think this is most appropriate. Plus - what fun! That said, any time you try to illustrate a fairy tale that's been told hundreds of times, by different authors, in movies, books, and illustrations over literally hundreds of years... well, it can seem just a liiiiiitle bit daunting.

That said, I am really excited to work on this! I am going for a fairly classical look. In a few of the thumbnails I focus on the Beauty-Beast-Rose relationship, maybe even tying in the sculptures in the garden (some versions say the people of his court have been frozen like statues). In a couple, I am going a bit darker - the Beast sits at a table, alone, the shadow behind him betraying the prince that he is. It is challenging trying to design the Beast. You can do pretty much anything. There few concrete descriptions - I found one that says he has a trunk, like an elephant! This is why I included a page where I show some sketches where I try to work out the elements that might make my Beast. Any thoughts on designing a menacing-yet-somehow-endearing creature would be very welcome, along with any other ideas!


  1. Do you want the beast to be more romantic or comical? I guess it depends on which scene you choose. My personal favorite is Belle sitting down with the beast looming behind her. I also like them in the garden. And I also like Beauty hovering over the possibly-dead beast. I was thinking of doing that scene myself but I wanted to draw more of a background. I think you can rock that scene too. Okay okay... maybe my two favorites would be that one, and the one with the beast behind sitting beauty...

    I have seen images with the beast like a giant rat/warthog thing... I dunno. I'm not a big fan of the beast looking too piglike.. Just not scary enough! haha I do like the beast with the tusks and horns though.

    I have to say, I think the monkey-beast is hilarious/adorable. You need to do something with that guy someday!

  2. Ya! I also like both beauty over dying beast and the chair one....maybe the chair one best. You could do some cool stuff with window lighting on that one. like having diagonal light bands that obscure and show certain details with light and shadow. Or cool candle light. I also really like how the Beast in that thumbnail is almost just this dark shape with horns looming over her...very mysterious! I think it could be zoomed in on a bit more so that they fill the image. Or even so much that we first really see beauty popping out at us and then notice the looming beast as an after effect. Just toying with ideas....anyways I hope that helps a bit!