Friday, June 25, 2010

While They were Gone

So while the rest of group was out Running with Paintbrushes, I have been working on a couple pieces I've been needing to work on.  I finished the 3rd piece in my series based on Winter, I will post that next week sometime.  This is a piece that I am doing as a portfolio piece for the upcoming GenCon.  It's a panther with wings and a tail with fire coming from the end.  It spits a flammable liquid onto the tail to create a blow torch.  He and his friends are terrorizing a village.  I have no good ideas on what this creature should be called, so if anyone has any ideas let me know please.  

Just wanted to welcome Lis to the group, we will need to change our logo now.  So get on that self portrait Lis!  


  1. Owen, this is a pretty sweet idea! I might try tipping the panther to the (our) right, so that he doesn't make such a near-horizontal line with the top of the page. I also really really want to see more of the burning village in the background (it might be cool if the panther was more in the middle of the village, instead of looking like it's a ways away from it), and billowing clouds of smoke. Also, be sure it's clear that the foreground guy is on a hill or something, because the perspective may look a little funny if he's big, and the panther is big, but the village is tiny... if that makes sense. Lookin good!

  2. I agree with Becca, tipping the panther creature would be good, since right now it's very straight lookin. If it's too late to fix it (if you've already mounted it), maybe you can play around with the positioning and crop digitally when it's done. Really make that smoke and fire billowing, that could be really awesome and violent looking! would add to the action :D

  3. Alright flying panther thing!
    I know you're probably well on your way with this one, but I do agree with above comments. For future projects, keep in mind angles and don't be afraid to break edges in a piece. He is just too vertical and the wings too horizontal.
    On furthur note for future images...make him your own. Don't just take a known animal and slap it together with a different one so plainly. Give this beastie it's own's own anatomy. I want to see a truly unique being that exists on its own. After that, give it a cool pose! change the camera angle. make a model and look all around it. I want to be afraid of this thing coming at me. Hope that makes sense!

    For now stick with turning him a bit. He could also be larger (photoshop), and paint the hell out of him!