Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lis's IMC thumbs

Hello everyone!!! Posting my IMC thumbs. I'm doing Beauty and the Beast (since I do children's book art). I had a pretty specific idea in mind for this. I want to keep the piece outdoors because I want to have a landscape in the background, and in the foreground I want the image to be darker and in shadow. I also don't want an action shot - I want it to be more peaceful. They're becoming friends.

I want my beast to be my own beast, NOT disney-esque or with horns. I wanted it to be catlike, but not a complete cat-beast. Thought it might be interesting to give it front human arms and a more human/expressive face, and princely attirement in the form of jewelry. Belle will be wearing peasant garb of the 15th century. Pretty much thinking 15th century here... although the Beast will be more exotic.

Size - do I want it to be like an double spread of a square book? or do I want it to be like a book cover... double spread gives me more room for fun plants and leaves. Doesn't necessarily have to be a square book though. Medium - probably watercolor. I've played with the idea of working in oil in a very watercolor-like way with layers... but i doubt I'll ever work like that again. I do watercolor and I should stick with it since I want this to be a good portfolio piece... keep it cohesive.

Anyway here are my sketches!


  1. Hey there fellow B&Ber! I like your ideas a lot! I think your first one is great - probably my favorite - the composition is fabulous, and you could have a lot of fun with the background. I also like the one where she is reading, but I think that having them interacting might be better. Making the Beast a catlike creature is interesting. Making it a bit human-like is a good idea too, although I might not do that through giving him human arms... maybe just through the human-expressive face... maybe some human-like muscles in the arms... I don't know. So far I like what you're doing!

  2. Ya I think i agree with becca here. You seem to have pretty good idea in your head for this, and I think that the first one is working really well. You can have a lot of fun with all that landscape space. I also like how they're meeting face to face. As if almost for the first time. The human hands kinda creep me out, i'm not gonna lie...but maybe if you can find a way to combine them and draw it up a bit better i'll change my mind. :) I like the cat-human quality to him though. MAybe you could play with that a bit more and really come up with something weird and something we've never seen before. a real beast. Anyways, I think it looks great so far! Can't wait! can't wait!!!

  3. awww, I like the creepy human arms because they're creepy... hahaha. But if everyones against it I can just do normal big cat paws. His front arms can bend like human arms but still have cat paw hands.